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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st love never dies

btol ke ni???

tp kn aku kn ske ayt nie.. heee

1st time aku knl die, aku rse aku sngt btuah.. dlm bnyk2 pmpuan kt sklh his choosing me.. omg..
i'm so hepy dat time.. every1 look at me.. aku msm mke ngn rmi bdk pmpuan, especially senior.. hmmm.. ok dats my past.. so mny incident occur.. i like it.. and its so funny..

But as time goes by…I realised, my first love is lovely, and never dies! aku treasure bnyk bnde, the relationship, the experience, the friendship…even now…believe it or not, we are still friends!

now i jus hope he happy with his life and get sm1 will cn take care of him.. dats all.. let the past be the past.. i'm not hoping his come back in my life anymore.. because...........

i have sm1 dat i must take care of.. he is so important 2 me.. i love all about him..

his hair

his eyes

he can make me laugh
he can make me cry

his hands are mine

he makes me really in love

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