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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my opinion

when ur love was taken by the other girl, don't u ever say "i don't want back my love coz i don't want hurt dat girl feeling".. dats sound so stupid n hipocrit u know..

who don't want her love back??? jus tell me who...

if u can't get ur love back, don't use dats excuse.. such a loser!!!

just admit he don't want u or u were never good enough 4 him or anythng like dat girl..

fight for ur love!!!
if he come back to u, dats mean his urs...
but if he doesn't care about u, jus let him go..

maybe u deserve some1 better than him..
and try 2 give dat some1 chance to make new love with u..

all the best to u all...

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