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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

miley cyrus #1

hye guys... :)

i am so damn bored now
i just wanna share something with you guys
someone that i love to hear her songs
someone that i love to hear her story of life
someone that i love her hair so much
someone that i keep listen to her song repeatedly
someone that i think beautiful and has a wonderful voice

who is she?

her 1st album on 2008

1. goodbye

2. breakout

3. 7 things

4. driveway

5. girls just wanna have fun

6. full circle

7. fly on the wall

8. bottom of the ocean

9. wake up america

10. these four walls

11. simple song

12. see you again

13. don't walk away

next on miley cyrus:-

2nd album- the time of our lives


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