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Thursday, June 23, 2011

snap & win contest.. vote for my picca darling!!!

hye guys..

actually i had tagged by my sayang nyssa nuar for one contest
don't forget to vote for her too ok.. hehe

i made a decision to join the contest
what contest?

snap & win contest

gambar ape yg aku pertaruhkan?

link for this picture
the best gifts in the world is happy family.. :)

i really hope u guys can vote for me..
wahhh... gitu jer ayat aku kan.. hehe


before u vote that link for my picca
1st u must like this page
be a smart traveller

u can vote for my picca.. yeay!!!!
peace yawwwwww!!!

thanks guys...
dun forget to vote for me!!!!

chow!!! :)

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