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Monday, October 24, 2011

please treat your boyfriend nicely

*peringatan untuk diri sendiri

why u can't treat him nicely?

when that happens, how do u feel?

then, something horrible happened, what's next?

someone came to his life.. sure it will become like this.. right???

can't stand anymore???

next stage

ur EX remove/block u from his facebook.. what word are u gonna say?

alolololololo.. comel jeh.. haha

but, this sound be much more better right???


that's all from me..



Nyssa Nuar said...

abes sume ko cntumkan ye mok! hehehee

aLya maNip said...

okea... aku xtaw nape aku gelak..may be sbb aku da lupe my ex n can trust my new bf..haha

yunie said...

nisa --> haha.. aku bce2, geram pulak rse nk wt something ngn quote nih.. pndainye aku~~~ hakhak

yunie said...

alia --> hehe.. dats should be my dear.. then, we can continue our life without any regret.. knnnn??? :)