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Monday, January 23, 2012

i'm proud of my heart

I just need a man who can defend me in any situation, even with his own family..

get my point????

should i repeat this in malay words???

i can't change the past.. you too! if i can change it, i want to go back and manipulate things to the way that i wanted them to happen.. but, i can't! i can't.....

you know my story from the beginning.. you know that someone had give his heart to me.. i take it because you are not longer mine anymore, and he's free.. yup! he's free that time he told me that he want me..

yeah... many problems happened between us.. sometimes with our friends, with his parents, with my parents and mostly with his sisters.. i admit all that.. but..... i kn
ow i can change all that. i mean the future..

i know i made a mistakes and yes! i got a bad days.. many times.. i yell at him, mad, argue, pinch, punch, all the things that hurt him too much.. but still he DEFEND me in any ways.. don't you think i am damn lucky?

i know, as long as i can let the past go, i can make him happy and i will also happy with him.. i love his parents, i love his sisters, and i put them as same as my own family in my heart eventhough they are not (if)..

i had through many things.. hurt my feeling and my heart sooooo much.. sometimes i feel i want let go all this thing, never ever waste my times to think about people that doesn't think about me for a second.. but NO! that is not me.. even they hurt me too much i still want to care about them.. i love them.. i know i will have such a beautiful and bright future ahead of me.. amin..

you know, you are the one that hurt me when you ask the question "why i still with him eventhough u hurt?".. hurt too much.. you know me well, we gone through a relatio
nship, you become my best best friend and now what do you want from me?

each day i will learn something.. learn how to communicate with the older one, learn how to comfort the teenagers, learn how to make kids happy.. is that good??? yeah... and that all can make me super happy and the important thing i have him in my life..

i hope you can understand me.. i still need you in my life.. the handsome man that make me gone crazy in school time.. sorry for everything.. you will get someone better and more beautiful than me.. a kind-hearted and 'kacak+comel' like u will always make girls crazy.. just choose the best one okeh!

life always offers you a second chance. it's called tomorrow..

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