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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

lisa surihani dress up - istanbul aku datang

sape lom tengok cite ISTANBUL AKU DATANG?

rugi rugi rugi..
pergi download skang! pfffttt.. ;p

cite ni sweet gilerrrrrrr..
tomok comel, lisa comel, beto comel, semua comel laaaaa.. emmmm.. exception for the istanbul guy.. =.='' sorry.. heeeee

i am not one of the fan of lisa surihani.. but in this movie, she is so adorable!!!! cute gilerrrrrr.. *saje bnykkn r sbb i can speak well.. kihkih

ok, back to our topic.. the way lisa surihani dress up in the movie.. arrrggghhhhhh soooooooo cute!!! i really love it.. seriously it looks perfect..

come, lets see..

#gambar x clear sbb i amek drpd movie ni sndiri..

so how ladies????

utk yg bertudung, i think its suit too.. but, make sure its not too obvious showing the leg.. u get what i tried to say right?

so, tunggu ape lagi???
jom shopping!!!!


but please ladies, never ever be MANGSA FESYEN..

nanti sangat susah nak kembali ke pangkal jalan.. lols~

till then..

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