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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

peace giving

Making amends is something no amount of money can help it because forgiveness is clearly priceless..

back to our discussion yep..
you caught ur bf doing somethng dat he wasn't supposed to do and it has made u very upset??
don't get so upset k.. cheer ur life..

put a little cheer in ur forgiving heart and re-think the possibility of forgiveness..

love is such a wonderful feeling girls!!!
so don't mk a big deal when the problems come.. solve it gentlely..

Here's how to handle ur grumps and bumps:

1. WRITE down all the things the person did to make u upset.
2. RATE how angry u are with each action (eg. not calling me like he'd promised can be a 3 instead of a 5)
3. IDENTIFY which has the highest rating (eg. 'not telling me he went to the movies with a girl' may be a 10)
4. BRING ur list up to the person u hv marked as 'eternal enemy' and tell him how much his actions hv made u upset.
5. DISCUSS how the situation could hv been avoided and wat he coulddo better in the future.
6. SAY a prayer for him.
7. TRUST that the prayer will bring u results n dat tomorrow will be a better day.

i oways mk a fight.. but he seems know how 2 mk amends with me.. i'm grateful for dat.. now i jus wanna share some infrmation with u all..

hope we cn mk a wonderful n cheerful love.. happy ever after ya..

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