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Sunday, January 2, 2011

u r really smthng honey..

thnks bear 4 everythng.. utk atin skali thnks sngt2..

27.12.2010, i had a very great bufday.. i hd waitng so long 4 dat misi n i got it yestrday.. it is so amazing.. 1st i didn't amagine how u cn did all such things.. i am so hepy.. 2nd u shown me how true ur luv 4 me.. tq so much..

1.1.2011, wat a wndrful day i having.. its so so great.. can't frget it n sure won't frget it..
i didn't know u r like dis.. so romantic.. i like it, but sorry i really don't know how 2 express my surprised.. usually i jus get wat i want 4 my brthday.. now, i got wat i didn't aspect in my whole life..
but still can't express dat feeling.. cowie bear..

4 sure u are so creative.. how come u cn imgine 2 do dis???

its so cute u know.. ngn kaen putih, kapas agi.. ish3.. sngt rjin.. creative!!! :)

crystal ball

u know wat i like so much rite.. hmmm.. tq so much.. luv u.. i oways listen the song from dat crystal ball.. sngt suke..

big big bear
huh.. same tall as me.. so big.. u giv me dat like akim in clip vdeo inilah cinta.. even xde lgu, the way u bring dat bear n saya cinta awak, dats enough 4 me to see ur luv.. but u are much more sweet thn akim.. really mean it.. thnks did such thing 4 me bear..

choc cake
xsmpt cpture yg pnuh.. gelojoh sngt.. hehehe.. cake yg cntik n yg pnting sedap sngt.. u did it by urself.. sngt trharu.. no words to say.. i jus luv it.. tq3.. wt ngn pnuh ksih syg yep.. okie.. syg bear sngt3.. heeeee

lastly i wanna say, thnks to atin, nana, anis, ipah, n ne for clbrate brthday akak.. luv u gus so much.. nyanyikn lgu brthday utk akak 2 kali.. sumpah, akak x kn lupe mnde 2 smue.. u guys sngt2 sweet.. tq so much dear..

i love u so much bear....

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