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Friday, February 25, 2011

relationships with EX

one more love affair is over, but it’s still not the reason to quit the relationships of any kind with your ex. isn't rite?? hehe

so, lets we discuss our topic to find out what kind of the relationship it could possibly be...

  • no love left neither from yours nor from his side.
  • do you want to start it all over again, try to fix or to avoid the mistakes?
  • do you think of him over and over again, remembering only the good moments?
  • probably you still cry about him, feel jealous to his new girlfriend, especially if they look such a nice couple.
  • when you both meet you feel such a hysteric joyfulness which turns to be only frustration after you part.
  • you keep telling everyone even your best friends that it’s over.
  • your are afraid to confess even to yourself that you are seeking for a way to get him back all the time.
  • you are no’t yourself anymore, you’ have given up everything that’s been important and interesting to you before.
well this is the case when there can’t be any relationships with an ex although it may seem to be exactly what you want.

  • when you declare that love is gone and it’s over – you really mean it.
You may still hang out and have very good time together. There are no more holding hands, counting stars, talking about moon or whatsoever but who cares! He’s such a funny guy and such an understanding person. You can call him anytime, tell him all your troubles and get a very wise advice. He’s got a new girl – you’re only glad for him because he’s too good to stay alone.

well you can say friendship between boy and girl can exist.
  • relationships with an ex is when an ex stays... just an ex.
  • you quitted your love affair without fights and quarrels.
  • you parted with each other as nicely as anyone could ever do.
  • you promised to stay friends.
probably you have felt sad for a while and cried a few tears, but now you clearly see that it wasn’t that love affair of a live and that there’s nothing to regret about. You wont neither say still missing him nor tell him your private secrets. Maybe once he will invite you on a cup of coffee, and you’ll have one of those nice, friendly talks about nothing which actually mean nothing, than you’ll go each in your own direction and than you’ll be sending each other couple of greeting cards a year.

well probably the situation can develop in a different way and you’ll become true friend, but there’s not much possibility.

so every time you leave you may of course leave a ruined battlefield behind you, tear up with your past and start one more new life by your claims.
but is everything you leave behind always so awful?
maybe it wi’ll be better to keep in touch with your ex because who knows what you may need from him one day except love.

p/s: i was under the purple color. its good actually become friends with someone that you love before. hehehe

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