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Monday, March 7, 2011

best man win-cont.

so pity but i dont even care

who are u??
none of my business

who am i??
girl that make him hooked on me

who is him??

be smart!!!
boys can make a tons of promise
do they be able to keep it??
come on
dont keep repeating the same things
it sucks

let by gone be by gone
easy to say rite??
if you are not calling him to reminisce

you were not good enough for him
admit it
easy to say not as good as me
so just sit back
and i will show you maturity

the end

p/s: as one makes one's bed, so one must lie on it (sape yg mkn cili, die yg terase pedasnye)


aLya said...

wooo..!!! zalim..hahaha

yunie said...

a ah kn.. ps aku bce bnyk kali bru aku pasan fluent gler aku bab2 mcm ni, tp time org soh speaking mnde2 brfaedah, haram.. hehe

Anonymous said...

jangan riak dengan apa yang kau ada.

yunie said...

i am so hepy, i hv a stalker.. tq..
dat is who i am actually.. eh, no.. only 4 who deserve it.. sory to say..
why dont u use ur own name? scared of me?? dont dare to face me?? or wat??
such a looser!!

shaeyusoff said..., that is how a cute girl thank for what she had.. and not riak as what u said.. n yet,, kiss her cute ass... boooyaaa!!