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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

happy birthday HONEY ♥♥♥

Guess what honey!!!
It’s your birthday today!!
So what I supposed to say?
Of course, happy birthday sayang!!!!!
I hope I can make your dreams come true..
Part of me says I already do...
My dreams have come true
That dream is filled with you
Filled with love and happiness
But, mostly you!!! What can I say
I love you
I know you love me to0.... :)
I try to find the courage to say
I love you more and more
Yet it seems, when I’m near you..
When I’m near you..
I seem don't know what to say...
It’s overwhelming, knowing that you're mine
All mine....
Not another girl can have you!
You’re the only one I need
When I dream, I dream of you
Dreaming someday I’ll be with you
Now that I have you..
What I shall dream next?
Dream you will be mine forever.
All I can say is I love you!!!
I love you!!

this post i made special for you
just for you!!

I don’t have much money to buy you stuff..
So this feeling I’ll confess as treasures..
That money can’t buy..
Video full of love, care and dedication..
Well, the fact that you were born
And in this reality that we’ve met
And being beside me through good and bad times
I’ve to say thank you! Thank you bear....
And once more time, Happy birthday!
It’s another special magical day for you this year!
Lots of love all the time....

We are miles away from each other but this distance draws us closer....
I can’t be near you but want to wish your birthday with sweet prayers and love...
I never thought I will ever learn what love is..
Now I know what true love is...
Thanks for coming in my life...

Wait just a moment and freeze, now close your eyes and listen my wish on your birthday.
I want to love you more and more.

I can’t be with you now but if you close your eyes you will see that
I am smiling at you and saying



bunga said...

hapy birthday..

:) bunga layan jer..

yunie said...

hehehe.. thnks bunga.. :)

aLya maNip said...

happy beday gg..lepas ni ko curuh gg baca ea..hehe
curuh gg dtang kuantan wei..clbrate beday die..hihi

yunie said...

xyh suruh.. die mmg ske stalk blog aku, tkut aku kutok die ah tu.. haha

uish, abis duet aku nnt.. hehe..