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Friday, November 25, 2011

3rd part from korea

4. blusher

nature republic - blusher shine blossom
color die sngat cantik ok.. this is one of my feveret make up, blusher.. mmg xleh tnggal.. even i just wear a compact powder, blusher must be after that.. weird ke huh? x knnnnnn.. hehe
belom guna lagi, so xleh nk bgtau best ke x.. sayangnye nk gune~~~~ ok, sumpah gedik!

5. hello kitty sock

comel x????? ha.... jelez la tewwww~~~ puihhh!
look at the last pic. --->>> LICENSE- for sale in korea only
yeay!!! sape nk stokin cmni kne g korea jer.. ade keh org nk????? =.='' weirdo!

thanks my cry baby
love you... :)

p/s: waiting for the next part.. huh! lmbatnye.. tapi..... ade keh lg???? hmmmm~~~ chow!

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