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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

love is in my breath

-the skinny of him-

hallu everybody..
tonite i just wanna talk about him..
tonite he make me really happy..

my honey bear.. (^_^)

lot of people says that he is so lucky to have me
BUT now i realize that and i say I'm so lucky to have him....
where you can find a guy, who appreciate you more than his own life
who is willing to do anything for the sake of you
my BEAR is the answer...

he is the only one who

hush and wipe my tears when i cry

cry for me

calm me down when i get angry or frustrated

pat my back when i feel sick, bring me to the clinic immediately, worry about me, buy any medicine that can make me feel better, and promise me that i will get better soon

hold my hand and never let it go

buy anything that i request without grumbling

give me surprised present every time he has more money

down on his knee to tie my shoelace

open the car door for me

dedicated a romantic song for me

lullaby me to sleep

give me support and strength to proceed my life

bear to listen when i talk silly things

worried when i won't talk, smile and laugh

make me feel secure by caressing my arms and protect me from any harm

concerned about me than his own life or others

i still remember.....

when he send me home

when he came to my house just and only missing me so much

when he bought a hand phone for me

when he made a chocolate cake

when he sang a one in million song from neyo to me

when he bought a big aquarium for me

when he send me a big bear with her motorcycle

he is just a nice and sweet guy...

i love my bear so much
he mean everything for me
i can't live without him in my life
what a wonderful life i get
just so complete
with people that i love around me
i am so grateful with what i have today
family, boyfriend, friends, education, money, health, looks....

everything was so great...
thank you Allah..


Nyssa Nuar said...

bapak tiri..

yunie said...

i miss u darling..