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Sunday, April 17, 2011

i'm chopper

tony tony chopper

ni salah satu watak dlm anime one piece..
die sngt cute kn??
suke sngat2...

owh, anime ni sngt best..
episodnye sngt pnjg..
untill now, x hbis2 agi..
anime ni cite pasal pirates..
the main character is LUFFY, captain of the ship..
and his dream wanna be a pirate king..
he is so super duper strong..
bdn die elastic, sbb time die kecik, die termakan gomu-gomu fruit..
whats that??
buah getah la..
so, die dgelar... rubber man...

p/s: nnt aku cte agi psl anime ni ea.. tp dlm bnyk2 watak, aku pling obses ngn chopper.. sngat cute...

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